There are two components to any burial, the lease for the plot and the interment (digging of grave).

The lease for a site is commonly for 50 or 99 years. The lease fees are determined by individual cemeteries.

The interment fee (digging of grave) is paid each time a coffin or casket is interred into that site.  These fees are determined by individual cemeteries.

Common options for burial include lawn graves, monumental graves and mausoleums.

Our burial services include:

  • Traditional/Contemporary celebration of life
  • Service of our professional staff
  • Care and preparation of the deceased
  • Viewing
  • Church, chapel or graveside service
  • Use of hearse
  • Selection of coffin/casket
  • Personalized memorial stationery
  • Audio/visual presentation
  • Floral selection
  • Catering selection
  • Lodgement & Registration of death certificate